• Seven Courts Now Available - Contact For More Info

    Seven Courts Now Available - Contact For More Info

    NEXUS: The Zoraidian Oracle is now live, and we've already got something new in the works to go with it! Seven Courts is a strategic multi-player physical card game that expands on NEXUS: The Zoraidian Oracle, where players use warfare, alchemy, politics, and divine intervention to gain supremacy of the world. Please contact us for more info.

  • Game now for sale!

    The game is FINALLY OUT!  You can now purchase NEXUS: The Zoraidian Oracle RIGHT HERE. Downloads are free if you just want to try it, or you can make a one-time purchase of $1.99. That single purchase also unlocks the game on all future platforms as they're released – Linux, Android tablet, Mac and iOS tablet.

    Game now for sale!
  • Shirts, Prints, Mugs and More!

    Shirts, Prints, Mugs and More!

    If you've seen any of our artwork and thought "That would be cool on a shirt" or "I'd love to have a print of that," now's your chance. We've finally begun to place our artwork for sale as prints, and some of it is even making its way onto t-shirts, mugs, or other items of interest.

  • CD Out Now!

    NEXUS: The Zoraidian Oracle has nearly 1½ hours of music, and we've released it for your listening pleasure. It's been released through CD Baby and on BandCamp for digital download, and you can purchase it directly through our site.

    CD Out Now!