Nexus: The Zoraidian Oracle

There are lessons to be learned in every moment of your life.

--Zoraidia the Sage
Our lives are shaped by our choices - choices based upon the world around us. Life does not exist in a vacuum; there are always influences, and there are always options. At times, they are few; at others, they are overwhelming. We cannot always see what the outcome might be. But there is always a choice.

Each moment of our lives is a chance, an instant of possibility... a nexus.

You stand at a crossroads of destiny - which path will you follow?

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Nexus: The Zoraidian Oracle is a solitaire card game with three distinct purposes - to entertain you, to relax you, and to challenge your strategic and critical thinking skills - based upon whatever your frame of mind desires it to be. Inspired by Hanafuda, a traditional Japanese flower card game (similar to mah jongg or rummy), Nexus is a versatile diversion for the mind and the spirit.