Seven Courts

Protected by Soldiers, advised by Sages, ruled by Mistresses and Masters from their Temples, seven Courts vie for control. Specializing in Elemental magic, they summon Archetypes from ancient history, wield Artifacts of legendary power, and bend the Dualities of reality to their will. Alliances will be formed and broken, traitors and assassins wait hidden in the shadows, but victory is not for the faint of heart. Assemble your Court, plunder history and nature itself, and seize the power that awaits.



Seven Courts is a strategic multi-player card game that expands on the Ætheric Worlds computer game NEXUS: The Zoraidian Oracle. Players use warfare, alchemy, politics, and divine intervention to gain supremacy of the world. Collect your Court and master the seven Elements in pursuit of victory. Assemble a swift Court despite the risk of Treachery, or surround yourself with more loyal followers and tear your opponents’ Courts down around them. But be careful! Events are always in motion around you, and fortune favours no one in this game of intrigue.

Seven Courts is currently in beta development, having officially demoed to positive reviews at Crypticon Seattle 2015. Ætheric Worlds plans to officially publish and release Seven Courts mid-autumn 2016. If you are interested in beta-testing the game, or would like to review it, feel free to contact us!