Sanity / Madness

Our thoughts shape us. Our thoughts shape the universe. And there are so many, many ways of thinking.

--Zoraidia the Sage

Day 62
Today was quite a day. My colleagues informed me that my work would be heralded as the greatest of our generation, though I think they go a bit too far. True, my discovery is significant — but it is not as definitive as my colleagues seem to think it is. I know there is more to discover — it is just a matter of proving it.

Day 479
Another failed experiment. Once again, I am a laughing stock... but I care not anymore. My proofs from before — they were pure. They were logical. These are pure, too — this is but a simple extension of that logic. A long chain of logic... yet I cannot add one more link?

This should have worked. The last experiment should have worked, too. I just want one link. Is that too much to ask? One link!?

Day 8334
WAS IT ME to first discover NO NOT REALLY because it was there all along EVERYONE SAW IT EVERY DAY but I noticed it and said something and when I said something I had to say more but THEY ALL DID THIS when they said nothing and they said nothing because THEY ALL KNOW ALREADY that's why they didn't say they didn't need to say because they know I don't say I breathe and I walk and I see when I breathe and I walk and I see because I know them already so I don't need to say but they know what I look for because they don't say so WHY WON'T THEY SAY but they don't know to say because they don't need to say OF COURSE THAT IS WHY IT IS SO SIMPLE tomorrow I will get them to say all of the things they don't say until they say the one that has never been said and then I will say it and I will know too and then I will never say it again because I'll know and I won't need to—