The World Tree

When your soul sings the song of the universe, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

--Zoraidia the Sage

As the universe spun, I felt the warmth of the sun on me for the first time. As I grew and aged, I watched as the world formed and changed. I could reach the sky and yet stay firm upon the ground. I inspired poets and dreamers. As each year passed, I felt the changes in me.

The myriad of life that depends upon me. My branches, a road to those who dare to travel; my roots firm, keeping the world together.

I sit here and watch as people grow and learn. I bear fruit but rarely, and the few who eat of me are granted a wisdom beyond what most mortals can bear. To gain that fruit, they oft times sacrifice themselves and become the fruit. To those who desire me but not have the courage to walk my paths, I remain an idea that is forever out of reach.

Be wary, o Mortal, for once you start upon my branches, you will find the path is not easy and never the same twice. If you fall, you start again. As I was here in the beginning, I will be here in the end.

Watching and waiting.