The Stones of Scrying

Wisdom is not what we know how to do, but how we react when we do not know what to do.

--Zoraidia the Sage

The black stones scattered, and the shadowed figured hunched over them as a shadow hovered nearby. A withered hand hovered over the stones and a reedy voice filled the air.

"You have a cause and a mission, but there are many trials before you . Many things you must do before you can rest again."

"Do they say what I must do? Where I must go?"

The silver runes gleamed in the dim light, catching and reflecting the glow.

"You must find yourself where your faith is lowest. You must seek yourself when you are at your worst and see who you truly are before you can go to where you must be. Only then will you know what you must do and where your path lies. You will make a choice and upon that choice lies your final fate. That is what the Stones say."

The shadow turned and left, heavy footsteps trailing away, and then came the faint sound of a horse cantering off. The hunched figure sighed and carefully touched the stones.

"It is never as easy as you would think. You cannot start a journey unless you have someplace to start... and that someplace is you."