Life / Death

Life and death are but two sides of the same coin.

--Zoraidia the Sage

How would I describe life? Oh, Seeker, that is an interesting question. Life is a dance, complicated and requiring much footwork. Death? Death is your partner. Always beside you, never far. Each step you take is matched perfectly. Sometimes you turn to it and face it, sometimes it spins you away. But its touch… its touch is always on you. You can feel the feather-light caress as it moves.

Seeker, you ask the most difficult of questions. In Life, there is Death, but in Death, there is Life. Never one without the other. While I compare it to a dance, I have heard Life described as a river. Sometimes smooth, sometimes turbulent. Rocks hidden under the current, whereas Death is the eternal sea into which flows Life's river.

Above all, remember this. Life and Death are but journeys and we are all Seekers. Cherish your companions in this journey, for with the love and laughter, you will have the most fulfilling trip. But it is my time to open the door to my next great journey. Be well, Seeker, and I hope you find your own path.

'The Final words of Malik the Philosopher'