The Praying God

We come from greatness, bearing the spark of that greatness within us.

--Zoraidia the Sage

It's said that when the Gods - Qini, Ulum, and Anar - created the world, after everything else had been created, there was a single spark of divine energy left.

The Gods were puzzled. They looked at the world again, wondering if they might have forgotten something. But no, everything was there as it should be. Not to mention the spark wasn't really big enough to do much of anything with. So they left it alone for a while, and went about doing other things.

Every now and again, one of them would come back to the spark, frowning at the notion of leaving things unfinished. They fell to arguing amongst themselves about whose fault it was that there was still a spark remaining, even after all of the work had been done.

In the middle of the argument, Ulum took a hammer and smashed the spark into millions of pieces. Which, as you might think, stopped the argument cold. While the others stared, Ulum scooped up the pieces and flung them over the world. The motes of energy that had once been the spark fell upon every living thing and were drawn into them.

And the world was finally completed.