Love / Hatred

Raw passion is the core of all power.

--Zoraidia the Sage

A wise woman once said, "Passion is power. Love and hate are simply two sides of the same coin. As one can love to the depths of one's soul, one can also hate that deeply. A love that is spurned can grow to be a hatred... and a hatred so profound can be love in its own right."

I have found that fact to be true.

Every time he is near, my heart bleeds and breaks. When I see him, it is as if a stone is where my heart belongs, a stone that shatters at his words. His dark eyes, the raven hair, seem to shadow my soul. His smile touches my spirit and I wish to melt, but he does not see me the way I wish him to. I love him and hate him. We have fought side by side, but his eyes turn towards others. We have been almost as close as lovers and yet he does not see what he means to me. I cannot live with him, yet I cannot be without him.

So I take this course instead. To the Stoneforged and my brethren Forestborn, forgive me, but I see no other way.