The Vault of Purgatory

Hiding from life is not living or even survival. It is only existence.

--Zoraidia the Sage

You can't reach me... no one can reach me in here.

I know every stone, every bar, every inch of this room. I have counted every niche in the rock, every dent in the metal.

But I don't even know where here is.

In here, there are only the shadows. And me. Or am I a shadow, too?

Nothing changes in here. Not even me.

I don't remember how I got here. I don't remember why I'm in here. I don't remember how long I've been in here.

Or have I always been here?

There is no time here.

There are only whispers. Only memories. Memories and whispers and shadows.

And me.

No one else.

You can't get to me in here.

Can you?

Can you even hear me?

Can anyone hear me?