Magic / Science

The young stone-forged woman worked late into the night. She had spent months on the research. Watching how the body moved. Studying everything she could about the creature. She spent months learning the necessary spells. One for movement, one to keep the rust free. Now after almost two years, she had finally finished her biggest project.

She smiled. Functionality and beauty. A simple toy, yet a way to help remove vermin. She finished adding the last piece, then whispered the command word. She laughed in delight as the snake started moving, the metallic scales shining in the light. Form and function as well as beauty. Her people were known for their magic and their craftsmanship and she wanted to express that. As the articulated snake moved, she released a mouse from a cage. The snake struck swiftly and efficiently. She gave a nod. Perfect. She whispered the spell as the snake froze. Coiling it, she placed it into a box. The Elders and scribes would need to see it and she wished no harm to come to it. As she closed and locked the box she yawned. She had gotten much done and tomorrow was going to be a busy day.