Dec 03 2015

Make Our Day

I've been trying to type this out for the better part of an hour. Lots of starts and stops. Plenty of deletes. I'm an artist, after all. Writing things for people to actually read takes time. And believe me, I don't want to write something that looks and sounds ridiculous. 

So, onward to the point of this. 

Back when we started getting things rolling, we were gearing up to have to do something like this:


... and it didn't happen. 

Normally this would be the part where someone would put in some sort of sales pitch. Catchy words and hooks to get you, the reader, to want to Buy The Thing(s). Sales pitches aren't my department. My department is making epic art that people want to keep looking at. And let's face it, Sacred Profane is Quite Nicely Done.

NEXUS has been out for 6 months. We've almost got it ready for release on Android and iOS tablets. Seven Courts is rolling right along on its way toward being finalized and put up for publishing funds. 

Aetheric has busted collective arse to put out two really good games. NEXUS helps you relax. Seven Courts is a strategy game with exercises in mild negotiations.

I would like for some sort of winter holiday miracle. I don't know that it's going to happen, but it's nice to have some glimmer of hope. What exactly is it that I want?

Spread the word about NEXUS and Seven Courts. Get folks to at least try NEXUS. How many other $2 games do you know of that have a 90 minute soundtrack you can purchase if you like it? And how many other $2 games do you know of that allow you to buy prints of the artwork you like? (no, seriously, tell me, because I honestly don't know of any)

Please give us some sort of miracle. Please.

(asking for help is, in fact, a valid funding option)



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